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2nd Oct’19, on this auspicious day of Gandhi Jayanthi, a new initiative under the name “Mahatma Gandhi Tinkering Labs” was kicked off in our school by D. Jayakrishnan, one of our alumni who studied here in the late 1960s. One of the first of its kind initiative at the primary level in the country, this lab is being built in the loving memory of his mother, late A.Radha who was a student here in the 1940s!

Below are Jayakrishnan’s words:

“As Bapuji exhorted, trying to be the CHANGE I always wanted to see in this WORLD…We (brothers and cousins) are working on building this lab to global standards for local conditions within a shoe string budget…with this initiative, we have become yet another champion of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals…my mentor Jeffrey D Sach (

This lab will enable students to learn by making with hand, perform activities on working models, building things from blocks/waste material and tinkering (also dirtying) with every day things around us, improving their creative confidence and ability to innovate/problem solving from childhood… my mentors David Kelly (, Ken Robinson (…/ken_robinson_changing_education_parad…)

Lego building blocks, Playskool Puzzles, Mechanical and Electronic tools, 3D printing, working models to learn basic science, engineering and geography concepts, detachable organ anatomy model, Arduino nano computer/electronic kits, Robotic hands/vehicles, Amazon Alexa based virtual teacher, tablet/story based concept learning, MIT App Inventor based rapid mobile app building (block programming) to develop logical thinking are key features of the lab.

My inspiration, Kelvin Doe and David from Sierra Leone, a tiny country in west Africa! (…)

A frugal video conferencing facility is being set up for connecting with other schools and teachers from around the world. Discussions are in progress with Global Foundations like MacArthur Foundation, AIMS Delhi and IIT Delhi to implement a community centre with telemedicine capability on weekends, once the school campus is WIFI enabled with a high speed FTTH broadband connection.”

The kickoff event was attended by key people representatives like block and the local gram panchayath presidents, principal teacher, other teachers, alumni, parents, students…great support from headmistress, Linat Fernandes and her deputy, Resmi Azad who is also an active member of block panchayath development wing…I was ably assisted by Deepak Simon, who is my left hand on all such initiatives…This facility will be formally inaugurated on 14th Nov, Childrens Day marking the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, after training the IT teacher (who will be in charge of this lab) and validation of the experiments along with the students!

We welcome anyone who is interested in participating in our mission to enhance education by being a role-model.

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